21 Benefits of Playing Video Games That You Must Know

Video games are so enticing that we spend countless hours lost in their worlds. Because of this many people think they are harmful to us in some way. There are those who say that games cause mental health issues and can cause health problems. However, since so many of us play them every day and nothing really bad happens we can assume they are generally safe. Once you take away the stereotypes associated with video games you quickly realize there are many benefits associated with them. Far more then there are side effects.    


People spend most of their lives in search of fun and relaxation. Video games offer the perfect retreat after a hard day of work. One of their most obvious features is that they are fun for most people who start playing them. The fact that we enjoy them so much makes us want to play them constantly. You can play them by yourself or with a group of people. However you like, the fact is you will enjoy the sights you see and the sounds you hear. They will take you through an amazing world and make you think about the decisions you want to make. Those and many other reasons make video games one of the best sources of entertainment.        


Video games come in many different forms and there is a genre for all ages of people. This is the main reason they are so widely popular all through the Planet. Over the years I have played many different games and it never ceases to amaze me how the game creators are creative.  

The other reason you have so many different games to choose from is because of the game development market. This is without a doubt one of the most competitive industries out there and many projects never make it to the limelight. Have in mind that the games you know about, the famous ones, are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you start delving deep into this world you will find that the choice you have is enormous.

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Problem Solving Skills

Games can be made to help you relax, but there are also many that will make you think a lot. They do not have to be just problem-solving games with logical problems from mathematics. Some game makers integrate a complex storyline with obstacles within the gameplay, that make you analyze everything in detail. This, in turn, enhances your problem-solving skills.

Keeps your Mind Active

This benefit is linked with the previous one and it also concerns your mind. Video games have a tendency to take us through fantastical worlds with many obstacles all around the fictional landscape. You will also encounter many different characters through your adventures, and they will share their story with you. Some games even work on your reflexes because you have to press the commands fast and at the right time. That is if you know all the command combinations. In any case, they stimulate your mind because you have to use your observation skills and your logic to progress and discover the game further. This is far better then passively observing a TV show or some other similar form of entertainment if you ask me.

You Get Better at Solving Visual Task

Playing a video game can be a colorful experience and the worlds you encounter will take your breath away. Or you can play a First-Person Shooter game and it can help you improve your vision, but I will talk about that later. The point is when you play a video game you have to look at many different patterns, colors, forms, and characters. Because of this, your eyes get used to noticing details that you would never consider. Combine all of that together and you get the main reason why playing video games can improve your visual solving tasks.

One more note. Professional armies are finding many ways to utilize the use of video games. One of the best examples is the different simulation games that help future soldiers prepare for real-life conflict. Through such games, the soldiers learn what to pay attention to in a particular situation and they also learn how to respond. Such effects are possible because video games have the ability to help you increase your visual solving skills.    

They can be Educational

From the onset, the gaming industry has created different types of educational games. Most of them are intended for children and they will teach them everything from farm animals to basic mathematics. Over the year’s experts realized that they are excellent tools for education because children learn best when they are having fun. Many adults too, I would say. This realization is inspiring countless people to create fun educational games for children that will help them develop their mental abilities.

Games can Increase your Memorizing Abilities

When you think about it, video games are full of information. So much so that the Wikipedia for the World of Warcraft is three times larger than the one with the information about real humans. That is a lot of information and we are talking about just one game.

There are games that make you memorize many commands, then there are those that concentrate on the storyline. You sometimes have to read certain information and then use it later on in the gameplay, and so on. There are countless examples of how video games help you with your memory. The fact is they make you think about information and they make you memorize it. This is the only way you can practice your memory and games make you do just that.

You can Process Information Faster

The most popular games usually make your adrenalin levels high. This is why they are attractive, as they make you think you are in a critical situation. Under such pressure, you are made to look at many different points on the screen and at the same time, you have to give out commands. Such a situation is good practice for the mind to stay active and responsive. Because of this, you spend less time thinking about the next step and you become reactive.


Video games can take you through several tasks that all require a different area of your brain so you can complete them. True multitasking is not the ability to do various tasks at the same time. On the contrary, it is the ability to do different tasks one after the other with ease. This is precisely what we do when we change quests. Each one is a new task for us and it requires us to change our approach.

They can also prepare you for situations when you have to split your perspective into several things at the same time. This can be stressful for some people, but if you are a gamer you get used to such things really fast.  

They are Inspiring

Video games can be a source of reference and many artists start creating their own art because they are inspired by the things they see during the gameplay. Through the years the gaming community has created a huge portfolio of fan art. Generations of creative people practiced their skills by drawing their favorite video game characters.

Aside from the visual aspect, they also have amazing and inspiring stories as part of their gameplay. People can empathize with one character and hate a different one, the fact is the story makes you feel things as you play the game. Through such an experience you can get in touch with yourself and understand better what makes you the person you are. They can also inspire us to do great things like our favorite characters.    

They can Enhance your Creativity

Not only are the worlds in video games incredibly detailed and layered, but you can also encounter authentic stories through the gameplay. When we play video games, we enter a whole new world and it makes us do things we could never in real life. Gaming stimulates your imagination and because of this, it gives you the ability to visualize things that have never been seen.

They can help you Relax and Deal with Stress

Game binging is never a good idea if you do it for a really long time. But if you lose how much time you will spend playing the benefits can be amazing. Especially for stress relief. When I get a rough patch out of life one of my favorite medicines is to enter a video game and destroy some monsters. Afterward, I get a feeling of calm and the next day can start.

Some games can make you angry, but this is because they want to create emotions in you. This is not the same as stress which builds up when we are made to work and say nothing all day. One of the safest ways to release those bottled up emotions is playing a video game and I recommend it to everyone.    

Socialization Through Gaming and the Gaming Community

The gaming community is not one single body of people. In fact, it largely consists of fans that love to play certain games. They gather on different internet platforms or in real life and they discuss the things that they love about their favorite games. Through this process, gamers have the opportunity to meet new people and to socialize.

On the other hand, you can play connected with all your friends and we all know how fun that can be. Especially when you have full headgear and you can talk to them as you are playing.

They can Teach you to Change Perspectives When Dealing with a Problem

This point is clear from the title. Sometimes we encounter obstacles in the game that are difficult, we fail at them. Then we come back and try it again only this time we change our approach. Then if that fails, we try something else. Through this process, we are made to change our perspective countless times. This is truly useful for when we encounter problems in real life.

They can Improve your Eyesight

Now, I mentioned this earlier when I was talking about visual skills. One neuroscientist made a TED presentation about her research in the field of video games benefits. After conducting experiments, she determined that first-person-shooter games actually help you improve your eyesight. This fact is being tested further and it is presumed that we will be able to use such games to correct people’s eyesight.  

They can Train you to Persevere Once you Find a Problem That is too Hard for You

There have been countless situations when I wanted to break my PC monitor or the joystick in my hand. Games can do that to you sometime, and this is also one of the reasons they are useful. After failing and X amount of time you will certainly complete the task in one moment. The fact that you came back, again and again, tells of your character. Video games will make you persevere even when you stop having fun and it becomes frustrating. They can be challenging but when you finish the task you will feel the satisfaction from finishing something difficult.  

Navigation Skills

Games are famous for their worlds and the maps you use to navigate them. Even though you are not walking through an actual landscape you still do the same thing. The video game makes you look at map features and then you have to compare that with the things you see around you. Basically, that is what you do in real life. The fact that you experience it over the screen does not decrease the value of the experience. Your brain still has to compare several features and sources of information to determine the right position.      


Many people like to create a completely different personality in the virtual world they are visiting. This is because we can spend as many lives as we want, so there is no need to restrain ourselves. This knowledge makes people act completely opposite to how they would in real life and through this they can experience other perspectives. Games also teach you to react and to make quick decisions. You can transmit this to your life as well. Sometimes we need that extra push to break out and make something for ourselves. Games can defiantly help us achieve this.

Source of Incredible Tales and Fiction

As I mentioned several times many games come with cool storylines. They take you through various quests and make the entire experience seem whole and authentic. Sometimes the game creators give an extra effort and they make amazing stories for us to follow. One of the best examples of this is the Witcher game series. The game title is based on an epic fantasy novel and it builds on the author’s world. Playing such a game is similar to reading a book or watching a good TV show. The gameplay is engaging and you quickly get attached to side characters and their stories.       

They Increase your Ability to Work in a Team

Gamers like video games that come in multiplayer versions. They can connect with their friends or completely anonymous people that love the same game. In any case, they have to work together with other people so the quest can be finished. Even though we might think we know the best solution it is up to the entire team to choose what they will do. When you play together with other people you learn how to depend on them and also when to put down your guard. Such skills are useful in business settings as well.

The Gaming Industry Creates Jobs

Lastly, the gaming industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. As the year’s pas more and more people are playing games and this is creating a bigger demand for them. Because of the growth in the interest game development companies had to expand their capacities and higher more people. Not to mention all the independent game makers that get funds from gamers through various sponsoring platforms.

When you sum it all up you get a clear picture of how many people earn a living because of games. This cannot be disputed and even though people disagree about the benefits and risks of games no one will protest about the money and jobs they generate.


To sum it all up video games are awesome. The 21 reasons mentioned here are the proof for that. They are good for your brain and they can boost your creativity and work performance. They are also a cause for socialization and a favorite pastime for many people. As with all good things we should take care not to overuse them because it can start harming us. Especially if we do nothing and just sit in front of the screen for days. But, when we learn to balance our gaming they can only help us be better at the things we do in real life.

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