60 Best Nintendo Wii Games Of All-Time That You Must Play

Since the advent of home video game consoles, companies like Sega (remember the Activator?) and Konami have been trying to create viable motion control input devices. But none succeeded, and we were stuck with regular old controllers. Sure, analog joysticks and buttons make for a fairly well-rounded experience that works with every type of game.

However, it wasn’t until the Nintendo Wii that developers actually started getting serious about motion control as a form of input. The Wii showed us all how transformative it can be to control a steering wheel, golf club, gun, etc. with movements of your hands. As a 7th gen console, the Wii was competing against Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Sure, it didn’t have the raw processing power of its rivals. But then again, the competition couldn’t stand up in a 1st party-exclusive war in which Nintendo absolutely dominated. This much is evident if you look at the Wii’s best-selling games list, and compared it with similar lists for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Even in hardware sales, the Wii beats Xbox 360 and PS3- making it the most profitable 7th generation console. This proves that having superior technical specs doesn’t matter much unless you have good games to go with it. Talking of games, here are the 60 best Nintendo Wii games of all time that you must play.

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Super Mario Galaxy

Once again, Mario has returned in 3D to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. But this time, the entire universe is at stake (not just the Mushroom Kingdom). In order to defeat Bowser, Mario must collect special objects called Power Stars (there are 120 of these scattered on various planets across the galaxy).

Previous 3D Mario games were played with traditional controllers. Mario 64 introduced the use of an analog joystick to move within a 3D open-world environment. Super Mario Galaxy is designed around the Wii Remote and its motion control input.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

You might remember Master Sword which was originally introduced in 1991’s A Link to the Past. It is Link’s primary weapon and carries many mystical powers, but did we ever get a proper explanation for its origin? Well, Skyward Sword is chronologically the first in the Zelda timeline and its plot centers around this sword.

In this Zelda game, you’re transported to a floating island called Skyloft. And you meet Link before he earns his legendary status as the protagonist of the Zelda series. He is on a quest to rescue his childhood friend Zelda who has been kidnapped by people from the surface.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

How far is Mario willing to go in order to rescue Peach? Quite literally to the far ends of the universe and everything in between, as is demonstrated by Super Mario Galaxy 2. In this game, we continue the story from where it ended in Super Mario Galaxy.

Bowser has imprisoned Peach while using the Power Stars for his nefarious plot to control the entire universe. Originally planned as an expansion to the first game, development on Super Mario Galaxy ended up introducing way too much new content. So Nintendo decided to make it a sequel.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 features dynamic environments, Yoshi as a playable character, and some wacky new power-ups. Generally regarded as more difficult than its predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes longer to finish and has more areas to explore. While this game is also about collecting stars around the Galaxy, it features vastly improved gameplay compared to the first Mario Galaxy.

Metroid Prime Trilogy

While it is a compilation of the first 3 numbered mainline Metroid Prime games, I don’t think you should judge it as a simple copy-and-paste job. Nintendo didn’t just take the first 3 Metroid Prime games and put them into one disk.

They made some pretty significant gameplay and quality of life tweaks to the first 2 Metroid Prime games. On top of that, all 3 games are tweaked to work with the Wii’s motion control input system. Some upgrades introduced in Metroid 3 are ported over to its predecessors (like the Spring Ball form). 

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Also known as “Smash 3”, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has quite an interesting character roster. It introduces fighters that weren’t present in Melee but also removes a few of the characters from Smash 2. Smash 3 features more streamlined controls compared to Melee, and an extensive single-player campaign called Subspace Emissary. 

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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Much like the first Sin and Punishment, this is also a rail shooter. It expands on the plot of the original, showing that there are two realms within our universe. One is the Inner Space and the other is called Outer Space- each with its own inhabitants and leaders.

The Inner Space has several copies of Earth, managed by a group of God-like figures known as the Creators. These overseers use humans as a military force for defending against outer space and will wipe out any copy of Earth that tries to achieve peace. Star Successor’s story features a spy from Outer Space who loses her memory and ends up on Earth-4 which has been decimated by the Creators.

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Resident Evil 4 is perhaps one of the most influential action-horror games. It represents a switch from the close-quarters survival horror theme of the first 3 RE games into a more action-oriented 3rd person shooter/ adventure. The game was originally released in early 2005 for GameCube.

After which PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC ports followed. However, many people seem to have forgotten about the excellent Wii Edition which features significantly tweaked control systems designed to work around motions and gestures. The Wii Edition came after the PC and PS2 versions, so it also contains all the extra content from the aforementioned ports.

Xenoblade Chronicles

An action RPG with some really funky combat mechanics that combine automated character interactions with real-time player input. If you move a character in your party and they come within the acquisition range of an enemy, combat is automatically initiated. Different characters will have their own attack/ acquisition range depending on class and stats.

You can also perform special moves known as “Arts” through manual input, with each Art having its own cooldown (just like spells). There are character-specific Arts known as Talent Arts, and these can vary a lot in their effects (utility, damage, buff, debuff, defense, heal). 

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Mario Kart Wii

Ah, the good old days when you and your friends could sit down on the living room couch for a split-screen Mario Kart race. Just like previous Mario Kart installments, this one is about making your way to the finish line before everyone else. You don’t necessarily have to be the fastest because there are plenty of weapons and power-ups to keep your enemies in your dust trail as you zoom past them.

Each track and surrounding environment is based on a level or world from the Mario franchise. Characters are taken from Mario and Donkey Kong, with a total roster of 24. Each character has a weight class (out of 3 total) that decides which vehicle types they can drive.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

A dark, parallel dimension called the Twilight Realm threatens to consume all of Hyrule, and Link is the only person who can prevent this. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a story about friendship, love, and loyalty. Everything starts with a little ranch hand called Link who is chasing a group of Bulblins that kidnapped some kids from his village.

During the case, he accidentally falls through a portal into the Twilight Realm where a magical spell turns him into a wolf. Locked up in a cage, Link is offered help by a mysterious little girl who asks that he swear absolute loyalty to her in return. Later, Princess Zelda informs Link of this shadow realm and sends him on a quest to recover Light Spirits. 

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Once again we return to Donkey Kong Island, where a group of mischievous creatures is trying to steal our gorilla family’s banana stash. These creatures resemble Tiki masks and are called the Tiki Tak Tribe. Donkey and Diddy work together to recover the stolen banana stash in a brand new adventure that will take them through jungles, abandoned mines, volcanoes, and other exotic locations.

Wii Sports Resort

One of the few games that require a Wii MotionPlus device. Which is basically an additional sensory unit that attaches to the bottom of your Wii remote, allowing for more precise motion controls. Wii Sports Resort is a sequel to the original Wii Sports which happens to be the best-selling Wii game of all time (82.9 million copies).

Granted, those numbers are inflated heavily by pack-in copies of the game which were bundled alongside all consoles sold outside Japan. However, not all console sales included the pack-in and the offer lasted for a limited run. Wii Sports Resort is set on a tropical island and adds some new sports on top of what its predecessor had. 

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Tatsunoko is an animation studio based out of Japan and has created several many TV shows over the past 6 decades. Ultimate All-Stars is a crossover fighting game featuring anime characters from Tatsunoko and video game characters from Capcom. It’s actually an upgraded version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, which was a Japan exclusive (the upgrade adds new fighters and online multiplayer).

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Shattered Memories is a reimagined version of the first Silent Hill in which Harry Mansion searches for his daughter. Once again, you play as the protagonist from the original game- but this time, the gameplay is divided into two separate parts. First, you have interrogative segments in which you talk with a psychotherapist called Dr. Michael Kaufmann.

Then, there are adventure and exploration segments in which Harry looks for his daughter while traveling through the eerie localities of Silent Hill. Depending on your answers during the psychotherapy session, your experience will vary during the 3rd person outdoor segments. There are 5 possible endings for the game.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Basically a 2.5D update of New Super Mario Bros. (the original, made for Nintendo DS) that is designed around Wii motion controls. Once again you play as everyone’s favorite Italian plumber while he travels across 8 different worlds to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. There are 4 playable characters- Mario, Luigi, and a couple of Toads.

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you can have up to 4 people together in online competitive/ cooperative play. Another new feature is the Super Guide which shows a computer-controlled character completing a level. Think of it as a walkthrough designed by the game developers to assist casual/ new players who’re having difficulty with completing certain sections of the game. 

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure

A throwback to the old-school graphic adventure games from the 1990s, Zack & Wiki tells the story of an aspiring pirate and his monkey friend. Zack is a young boy who wants to sail the high seas and find great treasures. Eventually, he joins a small pirate group called The Sea Rabbits.

On one of his trips with these guys, Zack stumbles upon a talking skull that claims it is Captain Barbaros- a legendary pirate. If you find all of Captain Barbaros’ body parts, he will guide you to Treasure Island and the ship that once belonged to him.

World of Goo

This is a physics-based puzzler similar to Poly Bridge. Your goal is to stack up little “goo” balls that are like sticky jelly to create bridges. There are a total of 5 chapters in the game, each based on a unique visual theme.

Each chapter is divided into sublevels that ask you to cross valleys and chasms by building bridges between them. The fewer goo balls you use to create a successful bridge, the more points you get. 

Rock Band 2

Unlike Guitar Hero, Rock Band presents a more realistic and “complete” experience that makes you feel like you’re part of an actual band rather than a solo artist. Plus, Rock Band supports a wider range of instruments compared to Guitar Hero. Rock Band 2 supports up to 4 players in a band, each playing a different musical instrument.

You can play the lead guitarist, bassist, or drummer. If you connect a USB mic, the game will test your pitch and compare it to that of the actual singer. Plus you have to synchronize your inputs with the “conveyor belt” of musical notes that scroll past your screen as you perform on stage.

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 adds quality of life changes absent in its predecessors, including support for new instruments. It’s geared towards a more social rock experience, letting you compete with other players in various challenge modes in both local and online play. You can come up with any combination of instruments for your own band, and the Rockfest competitive mode has challenges that cater to every skill level.

You can do song-specific challenges or general singing competitions, with uniquely tuned scoring systems for each challenge. The game has detailed animations of famous singers like Johnny Cash, Carlos Santana, and Kurt Cobain- all of them being playable characters. You also have new ways of unlocking outfits and extra goodies. 

Rock Band 3

One of the best-looking rock games ever made, Rock Band 3 tries to simulate the nature of playing in a band. Guitar, keyboard, drums, and vocals are all playable instruments within Rock Band 3 which features a roster of 83 hand-picked songs from a variety of genres (primarily rock). If we include tracks made by artists on the Rock Band Network, the game can have over 4000 songs.


An action-adventure game based on characters from Japanese mythology, Okami tells the tale of Amaterasu- the Sun Goddess. She has taken the form of a white wolf and uses her powers to fight Yami, the evil lord of darkness. You are equipped with a Celestial Brush that can be used to draw symbols that summon spells or objects into the game.

This brush is essential for solving puzzles and defeating enemies. On a regular console, you’d use the analog sticks. But on the Wii, this drawing process is much more fun and intuitive thanks to the motion controls. 

Art of Balance

Be one with yourself and achieve a state of Zen by playing the Art of Balance! Seriously though, it’s a neat little concept and lets you relax after a hard day’s work without shoving explosions and car chases in your face like the typical action game. Art of Balance is about stacking little blocks of different shapes on top of each other, using a base that floats on water (it’s a physics-based puzzler).

Even the soundtrack has a calming effect, putting you at ease. There are 200 stages, each with different visual themes and backgrounds. Using a Wii remote makes the act of stacking blocks extremely engaging, as it reacts to every minute adjustment you make with your wrist.

Cave Story

This game didn’t start out on Nintendo’s Wii. Matter of fact, it didn’t even have a publisher or studio behind it. Cave Story was developed entirely by one man- Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya during spare hours after work.

He designed it to resemble 2D action platformers from his childhood (primarily Metroid and Castlevania). The resulting game is what some might call Metroidvania. It’s also one of the earliest proper “indie” successes and started a trend of individual developers.

Cave Story is 2D but features excellent art design and dialogue. It has a story that keeps you engaged throughout the entire playthrough, with characters who you actually care about. In a way, this is like playing Metroid/ Castlevania for the first time- in the 21st century. 

The Last Story

As an RPG from the 7th console generation, The Last Story’s plot has more twists and turns than a Disneyland rollercoaster. It starts out as a sci-fi fantasy on an unknown world called Lazulis. Your main character is a mercenary who dreams of becoming a knight for some unknown reason (hey, who doesn’t want to be a knight in a fantasy story?).

It turns out that the world your team is currently on will soon be drained of its lifeforce. Zael, the knight-mercenary is gifted with special powers by someone known as the “Outsider”. He then uses these powers to assist a noblewoman in her struggles against an enemy species known as Gorak. 

Dead Space: Extraction

When you think of Dead Space, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Horrifying space zombies, I would guess. Like I’ve mentioned many times before, Dead Space is basically Resident Evil in space.

It has claustrophobic corridors and sealed-off rooms with dim lighting to constantly keep you on your toes. Well, Extraction retains the spirit of its predecessors but turns the gameplay into a more cinematic affair. Extraction is a rail shooter, so you automatically move along a predetermined path while occasionally stopping to shoot Necromorphs.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Travis Touchdown is involuntarily entered into a secret assassin tournament when he purchases a lightsaber katana at an auction. This puts a marker on him, resulting in a constant struggle to survive. The first No More Heroes shows Travis making his way through a ranked ladder of assassins in order to become the last man standing.

In the 2nd game, we learn more about this for-profit killing tournament which is organized by a group of wealthy people. This time, a hit is out on Travis’ best friend and he must take revenge by killing the ones responsible for giving the order. 

Monster Hunter Tri

This game was originally supposed to be on PS3, but Capcom gave up on the development mid-way because their production costs were skyrocketing. After canning the original product, they chose to take the leftovers and create a Wii port. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a great game.

Monster Hunter 3 takes you to Moga Village, which is a small fishing hub that’s constantly under threat from gangs of invading monsters. Like previous installments, you take quests to slay monsters. Successful completion of each quest rewards you with resources and upgrades for your skills/ gear.

Boom Blox Bash Party

When you look at the Wii’s motion controls, it’s clear that you can make some excellent physics-based puzzle games with it. That’s exactly what Boom Blox Bash Party does- with a few improvements over its predecessor. Compared to the original Boom Blox (2008), there is less emphasis on shooting.

Bash Party adds underwater and space levels, along with new block shapes. You can also create your own levels, and download levels created by community members. 

Super Paper Mario

The original Paper Mario was an attempt to blend traditional 2D Mario platforming with RPG elements. Super Paper Mario takes this concept to the next level by deepening the gameplay and focusing more on the story (like what you’d expect from a proper RPG).

It also features 2D in combination with 3D, which is one of the unique features of this Paper Mario game. The 2D camera is used for regular platforming sections, while 3D is activated during puzzles and special segments.

A Boy and His Blob

This is a remake of the 1989 NES title “A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia”. Like many of the games in those days, this was a platformer. But it featured one very important difference- your character wasn’t independent.

Instead, you had to cooperate with a shapeshifting blob that helped you cross platforming sections and solve puzzles. The remake carries over gameplay and basic character designs from the original. You feed your blob jelly beans to fuel its transformation powers.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade

A game that combines modern art design and old-school adventure RPG gameplay. Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a game based in the Edo Period, and most of its events take place on Honshu island. The plot revolves around “demon blades” which are cursed katanas used by former samurai.

These blades instill a sense of bloodlust and vengeance within their users, forcing them to go on a murderous rampage. In Muramasa, most of the villains and boss characters you fight against are based on characters from Japanese mythology. Everything uses a hand-drawn style that’s reminiscent of classical Japanese art from the Edo period.


A reboot of the NES/ SNES Punch-Out!! series, this game is designed specifically for the Wii’s motion controls. It feels much more fluid and intuitive compared to the originals. In those games, you were lucky to get off a hit or two before your opponent laid you flat on your butt.

The new Punch-Out!! features a more cartoonish art style with quirky characters who feel like they came straight out of a kid-friendly WWE. Characters have their own special moves and are entirely fictional with no resemblance to actual boxers. All of the old NES Punch-Out!! fighters make a comeback (with the exception of Mike Tyson). 

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

We all know that Kirby is a magical pink ball with the ability to suck in his enemies. Within his belly is an empty void that is basically like a portal to another dimension. However, he’s unable to use this power in Epic Yarn.

Instead, he has gained new abilities. He can shapeshift into various objects- like a parachute to glide across platforms. Or a heavy ball that crushes enemies.  

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Ever wanted to play a game in which you’re a defense attorney? Well, check out Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney which combines quirky characters and a tightly paced plot with hilarious courtroom segments. Most of the game plays out like an interactive movie.

You talk with people, make dialogue choices in court sessions, etc. Between hearings, you look for evidence that will help you prove the innocence of your client. No matter who you’re tasked with defending- killers, corrupt politicians, etc., you must make sure they don’t get sentenced. 

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

It’s the 3rd game in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, with minor gameplay improvements over its predecessors. Like previous Budokai games, the plot revolves around a martial arts tournament featuring some of the strongest fighters from across the entire universe. And powered-up forms (like SSJ Goku) are treated as their own character, with access to unique moves. 

New Play Control! Pikmin

An alien called Olimar crashed on an unknown planet during one of his space adventures. Here, he finds a native species of tiny plant-animal hybrids called Pikmin that function with some sort of collective group intelligence. Pikmin species come in different colors and possess special abilities depending on their type.

Olimar uses these little creatures to collect resources and parts for rebuilding his spaceship. New Play Control! Pikmin is a Wii remake designed to take advantage of the new motion controls. It’s functionally identical to the original, but with a couple of minor gameplay tweaks and a new save system. 

Excitebots: Trick Racing

It’s basically a sci-fi fantasy version of rally racing in which you drive outlandish automobiles across giant open-ended tracks. Excitebots isn’t just about racing cool-looking vehicles but doing it in style (similar to Burnout). Your performance is graded based on the number of jumps, flips, boosts, etc. you pull off within each race.

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Hey, who doesn’t love a good music game? Especially on the Wii, which is pretty much the only console on which you can pull off a rhythm game without any special controllers. It’s not realistic like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and there are no famous rock/ pop soundtracks for you to emulate.

Still, the songs in Heaven Fever are quite catchy and high-energy. It’s a great game for enjoying some quality family time with your kids during weekends. Plus, each level is unique with a different set of tasks that you have to complete in sync with the rhythm. 

Red Steel 2

A unique combination of hack ‘n slash swordplay and guns, Red Steel 2 takes every good thing from its predecessor and kicks it up a notch. In many ways, this is the best sequel to any Wii action game ever made. The story feels like a western, with your character going after a gang of murderers and thieves who stole his katana.

Rayman Origins

A reboot of the old Rayman series, Origins takes the old platformer in an entirely new direction that is still faithful to the spirit of the original. Rayman is in 3D now, with much more focus on co-op. Rayman Origins introduces 4 playable characters that you can control with the help of 3 friends.

If your friend drops out in the middle of a level, the AI will immediately take over for them. Rayman Origins is one big action-adventure platformer in which your goal is to rescue trapped creatures called Electoons. The more you progress, the more abilities and costumes you unlock.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

A sequel to Path of Radiance, this game carries over the turn-based combat from its predecessor. Every fight takes place on a square grid that’s divided into tiles. There is no real “main character” and permadeath is a thing, so you’ve got to be careful with each tactical maneuver you make.

Multiple factions exist, and you’ll be able to ally or interact with them throughout the course of this game. Any unit standing on high ground will get better damage and accuracy values. 

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

A collection of minigames, Smooth Moves is similar to preceding WarioWare titles. However, it’s unique in the type of games and how you control each one. With the Wii remote, you’ve got tons of fun ways to interact with each minigame.

There is a loosely connected underlying plot, but it remembers to stay out of the way so you can enjoy your minigames. There are 200 minigames in this WarioWare title, each inspired by some activity or routine that we engage with in our daily lives.

Wii Sports

If you look up the best-selling video games of all time, Wii Sports is number 4 with nearly 83 million copies sold. This is because it’s a game that everyone from your kid to your grandfather can enjoy at any time. Plus, it was offered as a pack-in game alongside every Wii purchase (for a limited duration).

Wii Sports is a collection of various games, accessible from a central hub. These games include bowling, tennis, golf, etc., and are played with the Wii remote controller. 

Another Code: R- A Journey into Lost Memories

This is a sequel to Another Code: Two Memories, which was released on Nintendo DS in 2005. Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories features a minimalistic plot and the same protagonist as its predecessor. You play Ashely Robbins, a young girl looking for her lost father.

Most of the gameplay involves wandering between locations while looking for clues and solving puzzles. While the original relied on inputs from the DS’ D-Pad, this game is designed around the Wii remote’s motion controls. You can interact with NPCs and trigger extended dialogue segments that follow a visual novel style of storytelling. 

House of the Dead: Overkill

A rail shooter like its predecessors, Overkill uses the Wii remote as a light gun for its shooting segments. If you wish, you can play through the campaign in co-op mode with another player. Gameplay is designed around a combo-based point system that rewards you for kills in quick succession, saving civilians, shooting bonus items, etc. 


A stylized, action-packed take on NBA. While it is a licensed game with players based on real-life stars, there are very few similarities between this game and the original that was released in the 1990s. For starters, everyone looks like a cartoon character with giant heads and exaggerated expressions.

You still have the arcade-style gameplay with superhuman jumps and constant body contact. There are no fouls, and the ball will literally catch fire after you score three dunks in a row. You can even play as members of the US political class, including famous senators and presidents from both parties. 

DJ Hero 2

This series started as a spinoff of Guitar Hero. It focuses on creating your own tracks using a turntable and recordings of famous rock/ pop songs. Basically, a virtual DJ emulator.

DJ Hero 2 builds on that basic premise by adding new songs and audio effects for you to play with. You have to sync your actions with the on-screen prompts to gain points. There’s also a new freestyle mode that lets you scratch the record or add your own music samples during parts of each song.


Klonoa was originally released for PlayStation in 1997 and features an adventurer who travels between worlds. The 2008 Wii remake features updated 3D graphics and several gameplay tweaks (in addition to optimizations for the Wii remote). Klonoa fires special “wind bullets” that neutralize enemies by inflating them.

These inflated enemies can be used as stepping stones for jumps or used as battering rams to break environmental barriers. A new move called the “Whirlwind” has been added (this wasn’t there in the original 1997 release). With this new ability, you can summon a gust of wind to slow down enemies. 


A collection containing all 6 mainline Bit.Trip games from Beat to Flux. The games use a mix of retro pixelated artwork and rhythm-based gameplay. You’ll notice that every Bit game has a strong 80s electronic music vibe going on, combined with modern gameplay elements.

The 1st game (Beat) is analogous to Pong, with you moving the paddle in rhythm with background music. Its successor Core plays like a 2D shooter. Each Bit title introduces a different gameplay element while retaining the rhythm-focused design. 

Animal Crossing: City Folk

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Animal Crossing series (even if you haven’t played a single one of these games). The best way to describe them is a mix of Harvest Moon and The Sims. You live in a small city populated by anthropomorphic animals.

Each resident has their own house, and new ones can be built depending on your city’s limits. Activities include fishing, farming, woodcutting, etc. You interact with your neighbors and build relations, similar to other social-sim games such as The Sims. 

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Another UEFA Champions League licensed game. This game has an improved AI system and more advanced physics simulations compared to its predecessors. The ball can now be turned and bounced more realistically on both grass and air.

Plus you get more tactical options, allowing you to implement strategies used in actual football matches. Plus, Konami added a mode called “Become A Legend” in which you’re tasked with creating your own player and making him the best in the world. If you want, you can also select an existing player for this campaign mode.

Trauma Center: New Blood

Imagine what would happen if Atlus, the minds behind Persona, were to create a surgical simulation RPG. Well, imagine no more- because that’s exactly what Trauma Center is. Of course, this being an anime-themed Japanese RPG, the doctors have supernatural healing powers and are fighting a man-made super virus.

Mario Strikers Charged

A sequel to Super Mario Strikers for the GameCube, Mario Strikers Charged retains the stylized and action-focused gameplay of its predecessor. Various popular characters from the Mario franchise form teams and duke it out on a field. There is no referee and you are free to make physical contact.

Plus, there are powers and special abilities similar to Mario Kart. Points are gained or lost based on goals, but you also gain extra points by using “Super Strikes” which are exclusive to the team captain. There are 5 players on each team, including a goalkeeper and captain.

Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep

A scuba diving sim in which you’re exploring a region within the South Pacific ocean for hidden treasures and relics. Your guide and companion on this journey is a character called Katherine Sunday. During your dives, you’ll encounter various underwater biomes and lifeforms.

Species you come across include small fish, turtles, sharks, penguins, whales, manta rays, etc. The cool thing about this game is that you can train some of the fish to perform special moves. You can even collect fish from your dives and put them in a personal aquarium.

Wario Land: Shake It!

An action platformer featuring Wario, Shake It! Utilizes the Wii motion controls to make you feel like you’re actually in the game. Wario has a set of powers, including the ability to punch surfaces and stun enemies. He can even pick up stunned enemies to shake them, which causes a bunch of coins to fall out of their bodies.

Resident Evil

This is a Wii port of the 2002 GameCube remake of Resident Evil 1. The game that started it all, RE 1 is often praised for its atmosphere and unique horror-survival gameplay. The remake is critically acclaimed for removing many clunky elements from the original while adding modern gameplay tweaks to refresh and rejuvenate an old franchise.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

This combines Lego Star Wars: The Video Game with Lego Star Wars: The Original Trilogy. It tells a complete story, starting with the first prequel (The Phantom Menace) and ending with the 2nd Death Star attack in Return of the Jedi. You can play missions covering different parts of each movie from a central hub world, and your character is fully customizable.

New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

An updated port of the 2004 GameCube platformer, New Play Control! means that this version has been optimized for the Wii remote. With the GameCube, you were supposed to use a pair of special Bongo controllers. These let you move, clap the air to send shockwaves, and swing on vines.

The Wii remote can do all of this without any need for specialized motion controllers. It already has excellent motion sensing abilities built in. The game contains several kingdoms that you must explore and conquer, defeating each of their kings.  

Mario Super Sluggers

A baseball game set within the Mario universe, Super Sluggers was praised upon release for its roster of playable characters and graphics. However, many were disappointed by the lack of online functionalities. Overall, the game sold below expectations despite being given good scores by critics.

It has a challenge mode in which you recruit characters from different baseball stadiums to join your team, with the end goal of defeating Bowser Jr. This is the primary game mode, although you can also have fun in the practice mode. Various minigames and virtual toys are built into Super Sluggers, and they make good use of the Wii motion controls. 

Go Vacation

It’s sort of like Wii Sports Resort. Go Vacation features a wide collection of minigames that can all be accessed from within a fictional hub that is modeled like an island resort. There are actually 4 separate resorts, each based on a different theme and biome.

You have cityscapes, waterways, snowy ski parks, and mountains. Games include scuba diving, skiing, golfing, and racing (among many others). You can also travel around the island in your own vehicle, to watch various attractions and take photos of animals.


In terms of features, the Wii didn’t have a whole lot other than basic internet connectivity. It had nothing competitive to rival Xbox Live or PlayStation Network (WiiWare was mediocre at best). One really cool feature of the Wii was its virtual console mode which let you play old Nintendo titles from the NES, SNES, and N64 eras.

However, this isn’t actually backward compatibility since you have to repurchase digital copies of games you might already own on your older Nintendo consoles. They are downloaded into your Wii and run via emulation on the virtual console (which is basically emulator software). GameCube titles are natively supported by the Wii, and you can insert GameCube disks into it (you still need GameCube controllers).


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