Can You Get Trophies in PSP Games?

These days, every game platform has some kind of reward that players can get by completing a series of actions. PlayStation has trophies, while Xbox and Steam have achievements. But this reward mechanic wasn’t introduced until the late 2000s and didn’t become all that popular until the advent of online gaming.

Can you get trophies in PSP games? The PSP doesn’t have a trophy system as it was introduced well before Sony came up with this type of reward. Games from the “PSP Remasters” collection don’t include trophy support either, despite featuring all-new code and assets.

Sony’s first console to feature trophies was PS3, and most developers didn’t get on board until 2008. What’s interesting is that Sony had apparently planned on introducing trophies to the PSP, according to a Reddit post made by an anonymous former developer. They couldn’t get the PSP’s firmware to support this system, otherwise, it would have been Sony’s first handheld with trophies (before Vita).

Can You Get Trophies In PSP Games?

The PSP was designed and released well before trophies became a thing in gaming. And even though Sony had planned on introducing this feature to their old handheld at one point during the 2010s, they gave up and put it on the Vita instead. Some PSP games were remastered for the PS3, with improved textures and models.

Sony put some of these in a collection called “Classics HD”, and others in a collection called “PSP Remasters”. Despite the confusing naming scheme, most of these remastered classics don’t have trophies. I don’t know why Sony didn’t implement a trophy system, considering that these are ports of PSP games that don’t share the original code.

However, some PSP remasters do have trophies. Like God of War: Origins Collection, which contains both Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Pinball Heroes also has trophies (it’s included in the PlayStation Plus Classics collection).

Can You Get Trophies On PS Vita?

Yes, most PS Vita games have trophy support. Notice how I said most because there are a couple of PS Vita games without trophies. Just like there are PS3 games that never received a trophy system.

Don’t ask why, because Sony has a bunch of internal teams working on various subsystems that rarely coordinate with each other. The result is often a convoluted mess of features that are supposed to complement each other in theory but never work in the real world. Some games even have region-specific trophies.

Then, there are PlayStation 3 and Vita games that were released without trophies and got patched a few months later with trophy support. To make things more confusing than they already are, certain Vita games have trophies that require online or multiplayer. Here’s a list of those games (may not be complete).

All paid Vita games have trophies, but the free ones you get from PlayStation Plus may not have them. Cliff Diving, Table Football, Fireworks, and Frobisher Says are some examples of Vita games without trophies.

What Is The Point Of Game Trophies?

Trophies make you feel good about achieving something within the game. They are designed to complement a certain playstyle and are tailor-made for each game. Stealth games reward you for sneaking, shooters reward you for accuracy, racing games reward you for being quick around the track, etc.

Gamers brag about their trophies to friends, and your user profile looks a little better with trophies on it. When you open your friend’s Steam profile or Xbox profile and see his achievements in a game, you get an idea of the progression he made. Sometimes, a game will have open-ended levels that can be completed in different ways.

You and your friend can get different trophies for completing the same level, depending on the tools and strategies you use. And most importantly, trophies act as a reminder of the effort you put in to accomplish a task. Trophies are also an easy way for developers to keep players engaged, by giving them alternate goals after they finish the main storyline or campaign.

What Is The Hardest PlayStation Trophy To Get?

As you know, there are different trophy tiers on PlayStation- silver, gold, and platinum. To “Plat” a game, you must explore every nook and cranny which can take a lot of time. Certain trophies require you to defeat a boss or collect an item.

Many trophies can be frustratingly difficult to get. If someone has a super-rare trophy on their profile, it makes them more awesome than the average player. To further accentuate the player’s awesomeness, Sony puts a rarity score next to the trophy so you know what percentage of players have it.

Persona 5’s Legendary Phantom Thief trophy is quite hard to get. As is a 100% completion of Bloodborne. Doing all the fishing challenges in Elder Scrolls Online is also tough because it becomes very tedious after a while.

Depending on their taste and personal experience, people will tend to have different opinions on the hardest PS trophy. But most can agree on the fact that getting a “Lowest of the low”  trophy in Crypt of The Necrodancer is insanely hard. You must beat the game once with all nine characters, in a row, with no damage or health upgrades.

If you fail, you can lose several hours of progress. Getting a Plat in this game can require up to 900 hours of gameplay. Only 17 people have managed to get this trophy.

Is PSP Coming Back?

Sony improved on many of the ideas it had with the PSP, by releasing the Vita. However, its lukewarm sales performance destroyed any hope for future Sony portable consoles. Officially, Sony has stated that it’s not interested in releasing another handheld console like the PSP.

When Did PS Trophies Start?

The PlayStation 3 was the first Sony console to feature trophies. PixelJunk Eden is the first game to feature trophies at launch, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is the first game with a Platinum trophy. Getting a higher trophy tier (Gold, Platinum) can reward you with more points, which increases your profile level.


I hope this article helped you understand how trophies work, and which PSP games have them. Unfortunately, none of the original PSP games have any trophies since the feature didn’t exist back then. And even among the remasters, only a couple of PSP games support trophies.

Sony put trophies into every PS Vita game, at least the paid ones. Free Vita games may or may not have trophies. Certain trophies require online or multiplayer gameplay.


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