Can You Charge A PSP With A Laptop Charger?

The PSP made it possible for gamers to carry their PlayStation experience anywhere they wanted. And it was also the first hybrid console, thanks to a video output port that made couch gaming possible in combination with a TV. If you’re buying a used PSP today, one of the biggest concerns is charging.

Can you charge a PSP with a laptop charger? No, and you shouldn’t plug a laptop charger into your PSP’s power port even if it uses the same barrel connector. Because you might blow out the power fuse by introducing too much current/ voltage into the system.

If you do a bit of research online, you’ll find multiple cases of people who bricked their PSPs by accidentally plugging in the wrong charger. Unless the charger outputs 2amps at 5 volts, it shouldn’t be used to power your PSP. Yes, the PSP does have a safety circuit to prevent an overcurrent situation but you can still damage the fuse which then requires a replacement (soldering involved).

Can You Charge A PSP With A Laptop Charger?

Unless your laptop charger is ancient and outputs 2amps at 5 volts, it is unsuitable for charging a PSP. Most modern laptop chargers don’t even use the same 4.7mm x 1.7mm coaxial barrel connector as the PSP charger. If you have a laptop, there is a much better way to charge your PSP – just plug in a USB cable.

The PSP uses a mini-B USB port, and any mini-B to USB-A cable will work. Laptop USB ports output 5V between 0.5 to 1A. That’s why your PSP can’t play games while it’s in USB mode.

USB charging doesn’t provide enough power to charge while also running the CPU + GPU at gaming loads. However, you can play your PSP while it’s connected to AC power via the adapter. These days, it’s quite easy to find 3rd party chargers for your PSP.

While they lack the build quality of OEM Sony chargers, they will work just fine with any PSP model (ranging from 1000 to 3000). Even the PSP Go and Street will work with a standard PSP charger. You can also find USB 2-in-1 charger cables for your PSP.

If you get one of those USB charging cables, you can charge your PSP from a phone AC adapter or portable power bank. Just make sure that the output of your phone charger/ power bank is 5V and under 2A. Anything above 5V and 2A will kill the safety fuse on your PSP.

What Other Charger Can I Use For PSP?

As I mentioned earlier, you can use a mini-B cable connected to your desktop or laptop. To do this, your PSP must have a functioning battery. Because you will have to turn it on and switch into USB mode to take advantage of USB charging.

Alternatively, you can grab a USB charging cable that plugs into phone chargers and power banks. Some of these cables come with a charger, and they are very cheap (a pack of multiple cables costs less than 10 bucks). Just make sure that your phone charger is outputting 5V and no more than 2A.

Can I Charge My PSP With A USB Cord?

You absolutely can, provided its battery isn’t dead. Aftermarket barrel connectors are also available that plug into a USB-equipped AC adapter (like the one your phone uses). If you’re going to charge your PSP with the built-in USB port, you need a mini-B cable.

Essentially,  you want one of these. Don’t get a micro USB cable, which is very different from the mini-B connector. The PSP has two USB modes- one for data transfer, and the other for charging (you can only select one at a time).

How Can I Charge My PSP Without A Charger?

Use the mini-B USB cable that you got with your PSP. There are two ends- one with a tiny connector that goes into the top of your PSP, and one with a large connector that plugs into your PC or PS3. All USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports will work, and charge your PSP.

The only difference will be the charging speed. For example, the USB 2.0 ports on a PS3 can output a maximum current of 500mA (0.5 amps). With a voltage of 5, that’s just 2.5W.

If your laptop has a USB 3 port that can push out 1amp of power, it will charge your PSP twice as fast compared to the PS3. There is another way to charge your PSP if the original charger has broken down and you can’t find an aftermarket replacement model. Grab a USB charging cable for your PSP, like this one.

You can find cables like this in packs of 2 or 3 for very cheap prices. And they work with any charger that outputs 5V and up to 2 amps. Make sure the charger doesn’t output more than 2amps at 5V, to ensure the safety of your PSP.

And if you’re a handyman who’s feeling extra adventurous, you can even splice in a 4mm x 1.7mm barrel connector from your old PSP charger to a new charger. As demonstrated by this gentleman on his Youtube guide. Only do this if you’re familiar with basic electrical stuff, and remember to tape the wires individually to prevent a short circuit.

How Many Hours Does PSP Battery Last?

All models of the PSP have similar battery life despite using different silicon nodes. That’s because the newer models switched to smaller 1200mAh lithium-ion battery packs to reduce overall weight and thickness. PSP-1000 is the only model to use a 1800mAh pack.

You get around 4 to 6 hours of battery-on time with 100% charge, assuming a mixed workload of games and music/ movies. If you just play games, that time will drop closer to the 4-hour mark. With just music and web browsing, a PSP can last up to 9 or 10 hours.

If you have a used PSP, I highly recommend swapping the old battery for a fresh one. Lithium-ion batteries lose 20% of their capacity within the first 2 to 3 years. And a PSP that’s over a decade old will probably die after just 5 to 10 minutes of turning on.

How To Start PSP Without Battery?

For this, you need the proper charger- USB charging won’t do. Or, you can grab one of those USB charging cables for the PSP that come with a coaxial barrel connector at the end. Just make sure that the USB cable is plugged into a source that can output 2amps at 5V.

Take your PSP with the battery removed, and plug in the charger. Then, slide the power switch to its “On” position as you normally would in a PSP with the battery. Now, you should be able to play your PSP.

While running your PSP like this, even a tiny disruption in the power supply (even 50 milliseconds) can force it to shut down. Hence, you should keep a battery inserted at all times. Even if it’s nearly dead and can’t provide more than a few minutes of backup.


I hope this article helped you understand the various methods of charging your PSP (don’t use a laptop charger unless it outputs 2amps at 5V). Thanks to this old console’s resurgence in popularity during the last few years, there is a sizeable number of 3rd party vendors who sell replacement parts. Brand-new chargers and batteries are quite easy to find.

You’ll also get USB charging cables for PSP that use the barrel connector. These can plug into a 5V phone charger or power bank. Make sure you aren’t pumping too much power into your PSP (anything over 10W), otherwise it might kill the console.


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