PSP 2000 vs 3000: Which Is The Better Option?

Each console undergoes a variety of generational upgrades during its lifetime, which usually spans between 5 to 7 years. Take the PS3 for example, which received a Slim and Super-Slim version. Sony’s PSP also received generational upgrades, along with models like the PSP Go which completely reworked the basic design and control layout.

So, PSP 2000 vs 3000: which is the better option? On paper, both consoles have similar performance and are the same weight but PSP-3000 has a superior display with more reliable joysticks. However, PSP-3000 also has an interlacing effect caused by the type of LCD screen Sony uses and this can be noticeable in some games.

The answer isn’t as obvious as one might think, due to the interlacing issue of the PSP-3000 display. However, it is still the superior console for outdoor gaming thanks to a brighter screen with more contrast. Plus, the PSP-3000 can output video to an external display using both component and composite cables (PSP-2000 can only use component cables).

PSP 2000 vs 3000: Which Is The Better Option?

Taking a look at the spec sheet, there seems to be no real difference between PSP-2000 and PSP-3000. But once you peek a little closer, it becomes obvious that Sony didn’t just slap a new number on their PSP and call it a day. The 3000 series features an improved LCD with more vibrant colors and superior contrast.

Indoors, it may not seem like much of a change if you put a PSP-2000 next to the PSP-3000. But as soon as you step outdoors, PSP-3000 dominates with its higher brightness and contrast. And it does so without compromising on battery life (even though both PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 use the same 1200mAh battery).

On top of having a brighter display with more contrast, the PSP-3000 display also boasts reduced input lag. This is a big bonus for fans of PSP fighting games such as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

Sony also upgraded the analog sticks on the PSP-3000, so they don’t wear out as quickly as the ones on PSP-2000. A nice quality-of-life improvement for people who carry their PSPs wherever they go. You can now spend more time playing your PSP, without worrying about a visit to the repair shop.

PSP-3000 looks identical to the PSP-2000 and is the same size. However, there are subtle differences in their design. For starters, PSP-3000 includes a microphone next to the “PSP”

How Do I Know If My PSP Is 2000 or 3000?

They look very similar, but PSP-3000 has a microphone next to the PSP logo at the bottom. And if you flip both consoles around, you’ll notice that the circle around the PSP logo on the back is thinner for PSP-3000.

The easiest way to tell a PSP-3000 from a PSP-2000 is by examining the buttons at the bottom. PSP-3000 features a more circular shape on the Volume, Select, and Start buttons. And the “Home” button is replaced with one that has the PS logo (no text).

What Is The Difference Between PSP Models?

Both the PSP-2000 and 3000 feature 64MB of RAM, which is twice that of the PSP-1000. However, this doesn’t give you more FPS or better graphics in games. Instead, the additional RAM is used to improve loading times (remember, PSP still loads from its UMD drive).

PSP-Go (model N1000) is an entirely different beast. It ditches the monolithic design of previous PSP models and goes with a sliding display. PSP-Go is even lighter and smaller than PSP-3000, despite its hinged display mechanism which adds complexity and thickness. That’s because Sony removed the UMD drive.

You can only play digital games on the PSP-Go, and any old UMD games you own will not work. This is one of the major reasons for PSP-Go’s failure. Remember, this was back when Wi-Fi wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous or fast as it is today.

Finally, you have the “poor man’s” PSP or the PSP Street. Its model number is E1000, and it cuts several corners to be as cheap and lightweight as possible. For starters, the shell feels less durable than its predecessors because Sony uses less plastic.

PSP Street also lacks Wi-Fi, so you can’t connect to PSN. And it has a single speaker instead of two, like in every other PSP model. This console also lacks a video output port, so you can’t connect it to your TV.

Replacing batteries on PSP-Go and PSP Street is much harder compared to the regular models. And the PSP-1000 is the only version with user-replaceable joystick covers. Meaning, you can pop out the top of the joystick on a PSP-1000 and replace it with one that has a different color/ texture.

Do PSP-2000 And 3000 Use The Same Battery?

Yes, both use a 3.6V 1200mAh battery. This is smaller than the PSP-1000’s 3.6V 1800mAh battery. However, battery life is pretty much the same across all three PSP models (around 4 to 6 hours of mixed-use).

Later PSP models feature a smaller battery because they use more efficient processors. Even though the design and clock speed remains the same across all PSP generations, less power is consumed. The PSP-1000 uses a 90nm process for its CPU and GPU, while the PSP-3000 uses a 65nm process.

Can PSP-2000 Play All Games?

Yes, it can play every game that the PSP-1000 plays. The same goes for the PSP-3000 because it features a UMD drive like both of its predecessors. However, the PSP-Go is incapable of playing physical media.

It can only play digital games downloaded from PSN. And it uses M2 memory cards instead of the old Pro Duo cards used by regular PSPs.

Does PSP-3000 Have Bluetooth?

No, Bluetooth isn’t present on any of the standard PSP designs (1000 through 3000). It was added to the PSP-Go, which is why the Go can connect with a wireless PS3 controller. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can also use wireless headphones on PSP-Go.


I hope this article helped you understand the difference between PSP-2000 and PSP-3000. On paper, the PSP-3000 is better but its display suffers from an interlacing effect because of how the pixels are designed and laid out. This is not an issue on PSP-2000.

However, the interlacing effect is limited to certain games and not noticeable in most cases. So if you have the option, grab a PSP-3000. Back then, Skype on PSP was a thing which is why the 3000 has a built-in microphone.


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